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AGNER Swissdrumsticks
long lasting drumsticks... since 1985

"You've got a lathe here, can you made us drumsticks?"
Stans, Autumn 1983

This question above was a big explosion in the history of Swiss quality product, which for 33 years has positioned itself as produced in the heart of Europe, and which ambitiously continues to expand its market position.

Two years later (1985) Paul AGNER, being air transport mechanic by trade, founded his small company, which manufactures wood parts. Only small part of its production fell to the share of drumsticks for marching bands, but through cooperation with Heer Music (Schlieren / ZH) 1987 drumsticks was becoming a core product of manufacturing. Tight working with the orchestra, Paul laid the solid foundation for drumsticks manufacturing. Now nothing prevented a successful future.

July 1987, the hotel Postillon (Switzerland) with the first product presentation was made the first breakthrough in the market. At this historic event were presented the first endorsers too. Such professional drummers as Walter Kaiser, Salvatore Celi, Rene Gubelmann und Prof. S. Schmid (professor of music school in Basel), were from the outset a living advertisement of the product and the main "testers" of sticks. They were delighted with drumsticks AGNER.

Product Presentation Hotel Postillon in Switzerland, 1987

Product Presentation 1987

Rapidly year for year became AGNER family richer and richer with musical talents. Today, as in the past, members of this AGNER family have remained the same talented drummers who contribute to the improvement of product quality, bring it in a leading position introducing it worldwide. The relationship with endorsers was closer and closer, as they contribute to the promotion of the product that meets the needs of the market and thus it allows to be at the peak of the market struggle. Today, more than 600 professional drummers belong to family AGNER, and everyone is proud to be a part of this close-knit family.

Advertising of AGNER Swissdrumsticks products in the past

As always, Paul AGNER personally involved in the manufacturing processes, to be the guarantor of the highest quality standards and provide drummers all over the world a great tool for playing drums. This basic idea served as the basis for the very first success in the past; it is the guarantee of quality today and will be in the future too. With unrestrained pursuit of perfect products, AGNER Swissdrumsticks each day meet the needs of the market.

In January 2007 Paul AGNER decided to move manufacturing to Rothenburg. Here he found excellent infrastructure that is consistent with his intentions and provide ideal conditions for production. With the rapid expansion of the sales network in Europe and breakthrough in the Jubilee 2010 in American market, AGNER Swissdrumsticks sees itself in the near future as the number one manufacturer of drumsticks in Europe.

Product Presentation at the Music Fair in Frankfurt, 2007 

 Product Presentation at the Music Fair in Frankfurt, 2009