The drumsticks of the same model, leaving the production in spite of the same dimensions may have a difference in weight in the range ≈ 40 - 60gm. This is connected with the humidity, structure and density of wood. Therefore, in the worst case the drummer would acquire a pair of drumsticks with the difference in weight of 20gm.

Agner Swissdrumsticks developed its own system of three weight categories for drumsticks (Color-Control-System); according to the system, it was possible to reduce the maximum difference in weight between the sticks within of pair up to 2gm. Each drumstick is marked with a small colored dot on the end surface. The color shows belonging of the drumsticks pair to one or another weight category:

green dot - light weight (≈ 39 - 46gm)
blue dot – middle weight (≈ 47 - 54gm)
red dot - heavy weight (≈ 53 - 60gm)