Customized drumsticks producing
Customized logo printing on drumsticks, woodbrushes and jazz-brushes.

We produce customized drumsticks of classic wood of the brunch: hickory, european beach and hard maple. Other wood arts have to be discussed.

Surely, we will print Your logo on drumsticks.

Following information will be needed:
  • Cover objective: (varnished, colored, waxed, unsurfaced)
  • Wood art:
  • Чертёж продольного сечения желаемой палочки с простановкой точных размеров:
    • - diameter, mm:
    • - length, mm:
    • - length of narrowing area of the drumstick to the tip, mm:
    • - tip form:
    • - tip art (wooden or nylon)
    • - tip requirements (covered, unsurfaced, other):
    • - tip diameter, mm:
    • - area diameter before tip, mm:
  • Quantity:
    • - minimum 85 pairs with Your logo*
    • - minimum 60 pairs with standard AGNER logo;
  • Logo objective: standard AGNER or customized logo*;
  • Design of the cardboard sleeve for packaging can be realized when MOQ 1000 pairs
* The logo can be printed only in one color. Following colors you can choose:
10 Zitronen-gelb 11 Mittel-gelb 12 Dunkel-gelb 15 Orange
20 Hell-rot 21 Signal-rot 22 Karmin-rot 30 Hell-blau
32 Ultramarin-blau 37 Violett 40 Hell-grün 60 Weiß
65 Schwarz Y-50 Gold-gelb 181 Euro-mageta 182 Euro-cyan
G-50 Grün B-50 Blau V-50 Violett R-20 Scharlach

Please send us your logo in high resolution (300px) if .jpg/.jpeg -format or in vector format. Logo sizes will be optimized depend on customized drumsticks sizes.

We also offer production of rutes and jazz-brushes with with Your logo.

Payment terms: 100% pre-payment

ATTANTION: if an order for production of customized drumsticks with individual logo canceled after pattern production, then following amounts will be deducted:
  • 50€ when AGNER logo to be printed ordered;
  • 80€ when customized logo to be printed ordered.
The rest of the amount will be given back. If the order will canceled during production, so nothing will compensated and the products after finishing will be sent to the customer.

ATTANTION: first order are not of any discount subject (including endorsement discounts with the exception of special quotations for wholesale orders, which are stipulated individually.

Request for customized drumsticks please send to:
For any questions, please use our contact form or email. We are available at any time and will gladly answer any further questions.