Your logo on drumsticks and rutes
Dear friends,

do You want to print on the drumsticks or rutes Your own customized name, logo, band or music shop symbol? Then please learn the terms below.
1.  The first minimum order is:
  • for standard drumsticks and rutes: 25 pairs;
  • for souvenir drumstick Big Stick*: 8 units.

* Big Stick is useful as gift or promotional; advertising tool for shops and fairs; drum festivals and events and so on.

You pay only for drumsticks or rutes and delivery costs. Printing, cliché and paints are free of charge. If, however, 25 pairs are too many for you, then you can order less, but pay one-time cliché fee 13€.

When next and subsequent orders the minimum order quantity is only:
  • for standard drumsticks and rutes: 5 pairs;
  • for souvenir drumstick Big Stick: 1 unit.
2.  You can choose different drumsticks models, which will be printed Your customized logo on.

3.  The logo can be printed only in one color. Following colors you can choose:
10 Zitronen-gelb 11 Mittel-gelb 12 Dunkel-gelb 15 Orange
20 Hell-rot 21 Signal-rot 22 Karmin-rot 30 Hell-blau
32 Ultramarin-blau 37 Violett 40 Hell-grün 60 Weiß
65 Schwarz Y-50 Gold-gelb 181 Euro-mageta 182 Euro-cyan
G-50 Grün B-50 Blau V-50 Violett R-20 Scharlach

4.  Please send us your logo in high resolution (300px) if .jpg/.jpeg -format or in vector format.

5.  The size of the logo must not be bigger than following:
  • for standard drumstick series and rutes: length 80mm х width 13mm;
  • for thinner drumsticks such as for example the models Fusion, Junior, Hard-Rock, 7A: length 80mm х width 12mm;
  • for Marching series: length 80mm х width 14mm;
  • for souvenir drumstick Big Stick: length 8cm х width 25mm.

6.  The final logo motive will be sent to You for Your acceptance before we produce cliché. Then we start accomplishing of your order.
ATTANTION: by force of the technical possibilities, cliché cannot be corrected or changed after manufacturing.

7.  Payment terms: 100% pre-payment
ATTANTION: if an order for production of drumsticks with individual logo canceled after cliché production, then the amount 30€ will be deducted.

8.  Request and file with individual logo please send to:
For any questions, please use our contact form or email.