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1. The online assortment maintenance

The AGNER Drumsticks checks and updates the data placed on the following web page. Contrary to all carefulness the data can change. Therefore responsibility for completeness, correctness and an urgency which is placed at the disposal of data doesn't bear. All offers are out of obligations. The AGNER Drumsticks reserves the right to itself to change certain sections of web page or all assortment without the special announcement, to supplement, correct or delete either from time to time or definitively to place the information. Therefore the AGNER Drumsticks doesn’t bear responsibility for possible losses, consequences, including the missed profit which arise because of use of the information placed on this web page.

2. References

For all references in which it is specified on this web page, the following rule operates: Firm Agner Drumsticks claims that it isn't responsible for the maintenance and web page registration on which the placed reference conducts. Therefore the AGNER Drumsticks categorically separates from the maintenance of the information of another's pages placed on another's pages and doesn't give out for own.

3. The copyright

All maintenance and structure of this web page is the AGNER Drumsticks copyright or is in the property of mentioned persons if it doesn't contradict the law. Publishing, copying of data or the data, in particular, use of texts, illustrations or text parts, also in the reduced variant, in other mass media or on public, demands the AGNER Drumsticks’s written approval. Infringements are chased by the law.

4. Data transmission

We pay attention that transfer of your data to networks occurs on unprotected channels, without the coding and enciphering if you don't apply any cryptographic methods of enciphering of information transfer in a network the Internet. Hence, wrongful acquaintance by the third parties during transfer can't be completely excluded.