Serie, type:Accessories
Model:UV-LED Lamp
Material:ultra violet LED lamp in plastic pipe form housing
Power supply:220V, 50Hz~
Power consumption, W:15
Light Source:LED 45 pieces of 10 mm
Lamp length, cm:50
Lamp diameter, mm:32
Lamp weight, gm:250
On/Off Switcher:No

• Ultraviolet lamp UV-Lamp is perfect for highlighting the drum shows, parties, cafes, and disco clubs to create a...
Series / Type:Accessories
Model:UV Lamp
Material:Iron sheet housing with UV fluorescent tube
Power supply:220V, 50Hz~
Power consumption, W:15
UV wavelength, nm:365
Lamp size, (LxWxH), mm:468 x 100 x 40
Lamp weight, gm:1210
Power cord length, m:1,35
On/Off Switcher:there's
Wall mounting hardware:included
Description:• Ultraviolet lamp UV-Lamp is perfect for highlighting the drum shows, parties, cafes, disco clubs to create a pleasant, intimate, warm atmosphere;
• Needed as a backlight for “Lightning” (Glowing-in-the-dark) drumsticks series, coated with UV-paint (UV-Drumsticks).
• If you highlight the Glow-Drumsticks with such UV-Lamp, you will the best results rather than by brief charging them under any other light source.
• Completely assembled;
• Metal housing;
• CE approved.
Series / Type:Accessories
Model:middle pad
Rubber coating diameter, cm:20
Rubber coating thickness, mm:5,5
Rubber coating color:red / black
Wooden base thickness, cm:2,2
Wooden base overall width, cm:23
Wooden base:decagon
Thread for mounting on stand, mm:6
Annotation:«Annotation to Agner midle pad»
Weight, gm:936
Description:Training PAD for practicing technical skills of AGNER Company is a combination of ergonomics and beautiful startling properties.The main advantages...
Series / Type:Accessories
Model:drumsticks bag AGNER*
Material:padded nylon
Length, mm:460
Width, mm:210
Width in opened condition, mm:440
Description:Brand drumsticks bag AGNER has three spacious sections for sticks; a pocket for drum keys, small tools and other accessories such as jazz-brushes,...
Series / Type:Accessories
Length, mm:19
Diameter, mm:11,4
Weight, gm:13
Description:wooden AGNER ballpoint pen in the form of a drumstick. An essential drummer’s accessory needed in everyday life.
Series / Type:Accessories
Model:Key ring AGNER
Stick length, mm:75
Stick diameter,mm:9,8
Metal ring diameter, mm:30
Description:The key ring AGNER with one suspended wooden drumstick on the metal ring is small but nice accessory. It perfectly complements the image of a drummer.
Series / Type:Accessories
Model:souvenir Big Stick
Length, mm:780
Diameter, мм:40
Description:Stick Big Stick is a souvenir; it can also be used as an original gift of for promotional aims.
Series / Type:Accessories
Model:AGNER t-shirt
Material:100% cotton
Inscription front:Agner Drumsticks
Inscription back:Swiss made feels so good…
Description:AGNER t-shirt is a distinctive accessory of your commitment to the products of Swiss company Agner Swissdrumsticks.