Series Timbales

Timbales series of AGNER Swissdrumsticks are designed to play on Timbales (Spanish timbales) - percussion instrument with indeterminate tone of Cuban origin. Timbales correspond two small front-sided drums mounted on metal stand. Timbales shells are made of brass or copper. Normally they have the same height (≈ 16 cm) but different diameter (typically 13" and 14" or 14" and 15"). Smaller in diameter timbale, called macho symbolize a man; it produces aggressive, loud and pushy sound. Larger in diameter timbale, called “hembra” symbolizes a woman; it produces moderate and soft sound.

The musician, who is called “timbalero” produce the sound by the use of taps on shells, "rim shot" (simultaneously on the rim and the drumhead), and just on the rim. Usually timbales are played in the standing position. Timbale sticks of AGNER are double-butt sticks i.e. that have the same diameter along the entire length, which is an important aspect of fine nuances of timbales sound.