Series Timpani Mallets

AGNER drumsticks of Timpani Mallets series are designed primarily for playing timpani in a symphony orchestra. AGNER Swissdrumsticks produces these mallets of white beech and maple, that have light weight when playing and have a good rebound. Beech is durable enough, but lighter than hickory. Maple is lightwood and characterized by fast and good rebound. Therefore, in view of the necessary big measures the drumsticks of this series have optimal weight and do not fatigue your hands during long performances and playing of long orchestral scores.

Series / Type:Timpani Mallets
Model:Barock Timpani
Length, mm:365
Tip diameter, mm:27,0
Shaft diameter, mm:21,5
Size in inches:27/32 x 14 11/32
Tip:wooden, cylindrical shape, short-cut
Description:the model Barock Timpani is designed to play on the timpani and / or bass double drum.
Series / Type:Mallets
Model:Mallet Fealt-Head Soft
Length, mm:380
Tip diameter, mm:35,0
Shaft diameter, mm:12,1
Tip:in the form of a ball of soft felt