Masterclass. A demonstrative lesson on specific topic given by a professional drummer to learning play drums people or to highly talented students.

Workshop. A practical intensive lesson given by a professional drummer to small groups focused on the acquisition of practical knowledge and skills in drumming, as well as the experience exchange.

Clinic. A seminar or short refresher course on a particular subject given by a master of drumming art to a small group of professional drummers. It may include both practical (workshop) and theoretical elements of the training.

Attack. Ton of stroke a drumstick on a drumhead.

Sustain (decay). Common word for attenuation. After stroke.

Spectrum. Mixture of all frequencies / tones in the sound. Constituents are:
  • Fundamental (pitch). Deepest (lowest) frequency of a drumhead vibration.
  • Overtones. (Rational) multiples of the fundamental from the same origin.
Resonance. Simultaneous vibrations of two drumheads or a drumhead and drum shell.

Damping. Conversion of the vibration energy into heat by friction.